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Lectures for companies, organizations, and students 

In his unique way, Shlomie manages to tell personal, funny, touching, and moving stories about the stations in his life that shaped him to be who he is today.

In his lectures, Shlomie talks about self-fulfillment, inner connection, dealing with crises, post-trauma, addictions, ways to find a balance between life and career, connection to courage, and the never-ending process - the journey to self-discovery.   

Experience motivational and inspiring talks by Shlomie Singer, a renowned public speaker and lecturer. Through his expertise in career coaching, overcoming PTSD and addiction, and reinventing oneself, Shlomie empowers individuals to achieve their full potential.

“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow," Mary Ann Rademacher.

My Lectures


The Courage to Look Within:
My Journey from Patient to Healer, A Story of Healing and Transformation

In this lecture, Shlomie will discuss his journey from being a patient with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to becoming a healer.

Throughout his life, Shlomie faced numerous emotional and mental obstacles that he didn't know how to handle. He repressed many of these difficulties, including post-trauma from the Second Lebanon War in which he was injured, painful separations and losses, drug addictions, and more.

During this lecture, Shlomie will cover:

  • His personal story

  • Understanding PTSD and its symptoms

  • Techniques and strategies for dealing with PTSD

  • The importance of having the courage to look within and embark on a healing process.

הרצאות מרתקות ומעוררות השראה של שלומי סינגר על מגוון רחב של נושאים הכוללים התמודדות עם פוסט טראומה, התמכרויות, והעצמה אישית

Taking the First Step:
A Guide to Starting Your Journey

In this lecture, Shlomie shares his personal journey of transformation and the process he went through to save himself, which led him to become a healer helping others.

Shlomie speaks about the power of new beginnings and rising from crises. He shares the story of his life, including his childhood in different countries, his time in the army, his experience in war and the post-trauma aftermath, his journey with addictions, and the importance of seeking and receiving help, and the privilege of being able to give back to others.

איך להמציא את עצמנו מחדש, הרצאה מרתקת של שלומי סינגר ומעוררת השראה עם שיטות מעשיות וטיפים חשובים להצלחה בתהליך ההתחדשות

How to Reinvent Myself

We live in an age where we can pursue multiple passions.

You can be a doctor and a painter.
You can be a programmer and a comedian. 
You can be a social worker, a mother, and a DJ.

In this lecture, Shlomie, a multidimensional individual with diverse roles (such as being a hi-tech professional, artist, creator, group facilitator, therapist, and career consultant), shares his personal journey of reinventing himself and adding more layers to his life.

He emphasizes the importance of allowing ourselves to develop various abilities to fulfill our potential and lead a meaningful life.

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