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Inner Connection and Self-Fulfillment

The questions that guide me in life:

Am I doing what I love to do?

Am I connected to my inner and outer world?

Am I utilizing my unique skills & values in my life?

Am I happy, satisfied, and fulfilled?

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Shlomie Singer, experienced career coach, group facilitator and personal development expert, pictured at a company event. Also an active participant in art events, Shlomie brings creativity and diverse perspectives to his coaching and facilitation approach.

Hi, I'm Shlomie

I am a group facilitator, personal development coach, career consultant for high-tech & startup executives, and an artist and creator. 

The combination of these different areas has
 brought me immense fulfillment, healing, and a deep appreciation for life.


Through my integrative processes, I guide individuals on an internal and external journey towards a full, balanced, and meaningful life.


Together, we will explore our goals and life's purpose, set objectives, and work towards achieving them. We will also develop an awareness of the barriers and fears that may hold us back and create actionable plans to overcome them.

Let's start? :)


Our process together

More and more people today recognize the power of personal development as a process to help them overcome personal conflicts, internal dilemmas, and issues such as shame, guilt, love, abandonment, fear, and more. These challenges can be complex and difficult to navigate alone, but in a dynamic, supportive, and non-judgmental process, we can explore our thoughts and feelings, develop strategies and anchors, and overcome obstacles.

Together, we will learn to identify negative thinking and behavior patterns, develop effective communication and coping skills, and build the resilience and self-awareness needed to thrive in various areas of our lives. Whether you're struggling with past traumas, addictions, relationship issues, or feeling stuck and unfulfilled, together, we can help you develop the tools to overcome challenges and build a more fulfilling life.

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