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שלומי סינגר, מאמן קריירה ומלווה תהליכי התפתחות בבפסיכודרמה, מסייע למאות לקוחות לקדם את הקריירה שלהם על ידי כתיבת קורות חיים ואופטימיזציית פרופיל לינקדאין

Ready to advance your career?

Maximize your career potential with personalized guidance and counseling services tailored to your needs.

I specialize in helping high-tech and startup executives develop and fulfill their career vision through professional resumes and LinkedIn profile writing to achieve success in international markets.

Looking for a senior role in the global high-tech market? 

*This short video offers valuable insights, facts, and tips on job hunting, including how to prepare a resume and LinkedIn profile, and how to search for your dream job.
*Additionally, I have written a free e-book that covers everything you need to know about job hunting in the global market. Simply leave your email, and the book will be sent to you as a gift.


*Available only in Hebrew

Successfully accepted


Working with me 

For over 8 years, I've supported 100's of clients in Israel and the USA in making personal and professional decisions that align with their skills, needs, and goals.

Using evidence-based techniques such as CBT, positive psychology, and psychodrama, I offer career counseling, coaching, and support services that help my clients secure desired positions in leading companies in Israel and around the world.

Shlomie Singer, Career Coach and Psychodrama Therapist, helping hundreds of clients advance their careers with effective resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization, utilizing CBT and Psychodrama techniques.

The Career Counseling Process

1. Career Overview

Uncovering your unique skills, strengths, and goals, as well as recognizing weaknesses, challenges, and difficulties in your career to find fulfilling fields and professions that align with your passions and interests

2. Build the Foundations

Write a focused, structured, and relevant resume, LinkedIn profile, and other relevant content that highlights your skills and experience in a clean and professional manner, ensuring your profile stands out in any position you apply for

3. Outreach & Engage

With your goals in mind, let's begin the job search process together, which includes identifying potential jobs, submitting applications, networking, elevator pitch and personal branding, and interview preparation

Your Resume with Added Value

What sets you apart from the other 500 candidates?


A resume is the most important indicator for a hiring manager to quickly judge whether you are suitable for the position you are applying for or not.


According to Business Insider, a recruiter looks for an average of only 6 seconds (!) at a candidate's resume.


If you were a hiring manager at a top company and looked at your resume, would you hire yourself for that specific position? In 6 seconds?

Your resume must be focused, structured, clean, accurate, and relevant to each position you are applying for.  ​

My resume format and job search strategy will get you the best results, in the shortest amount of time.

And the best result = an invitation to a job interview.

Unlock the full potential of opportunities - LinkedIn 

If you aspire to progress and flourish in the high-tech and startup industry, LinkedIn is an indispensable tool.


This social-professional network enables you to connect with company owners, employers, and hiring managers, and equally important - allows them to effortlessly discover and present enticing opportunities to you.

Whether you're currently employed, seeking new job prospects, or striving to enhance your LinkedIn profile to promote your business or product, a well-maintained profile can help you acquire more business opportunities and unlock numerous possibilities.

LinkedIn incorporates an in-built internal SEO system, and with the utilization of keywords and advanced techniques, I can assist you in optimizing your profile to attain a higher search engine ranking.

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